Attemp to assassinate Quneitra mayor fails, Syria

An armed group carried out an assassination attempt against Quneitra mayor, Mohammed Tareq Kreshati, by targeting his vehicle in Quneitra countryside while he was taking a tour on Wednesday.

Attemp to assassinate Quneitra mayor fails, Syria

Khaled Iskef

SDC sources said Kreshati was taking a tour in several areas in Quneitra countryside when he was attacked at the boundaries of Momtaneh and Um Batenah by militants said to belong to the former leader in the armed factions, Abu Zaher.

After the mayor survived the attempt, security tensions prevailed with Domestic Security Forces deployed in both towns. Meetings were held with notables of the area to deliver the perpetrators immediately.

The sources said many of the towns inhabitants are armed men who conducted reconciliation and settlement processes and started to be considered local parts of the Syrian army.

Notables of clans in Quneitra intervened to settle the situation, promising to deliver the perpetrators to the Syrian government since what they had done is a blatant crime.

In August another attack had been carried out by unknown militants against an detachment of the Security Forces in Jibba in Quneitra countryside. Violent clashes broke out between the detachment members and the militants who kidnapped a member of the detachment and withdrew. No confirmed information has been known over the identity of the entity responsible for the attack or the destiny of the kidnapped member.

Attemp to assassinate Quneitra mayor fails, Syria

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