Oglu attacking Erdogan: “Our policy has alienated us in the Eastern of the Mediterranean.”

Oglu said: “Erdogan’s made us alienated against the struggles in Eastern of the Mediterranean, we receive no support but from Azerbaijan which refers to a diplomatic defect in the strategy adopted by the ministry of foreign affairs.”

Oglu attacking Erdogan: “Our policy has alienated us in the Eastern of the Mediterranean.”

Khaled Iskef

In regard to relations with Egypt, Oglu pointed out, “We have to start discussions with Egypt to reach an agreement about setting maritime borders between both countries in the Mediterranean.” Stressing that, “We must not cut off relations with Egypt in the current circumstances whatsoever, and we must facilitate relations with Syrian and Egypt signing necessary agreements with both countries in Eastern Mediterranean to achieve regional stability.”

Davut Oglu had accused President Erdogan, leader of Justice and Development Party, in an earlier statement of making Turkey a “dwarf” state through spreading fear amid people transferring the ruling authority to a media company which leads to creating miserable images because states must be managed in a serious manner, not by media campaigns.

Severe criticism attacked and is still attacking the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and his government by the various political and popular Turkish spectrum, especially after Erdogan pushed his country in regional conflicts created primarily by following the policy of foreign affairs intervention planting tensions based on Erdogan’s personal interest. Erdogan exposed his country before the international community as a supporter of terrorism and creator of militias.

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