Lebanon allows Syrians to enter its territory two days a week on specific conditions

The Lebanese government has decided to specify on Tuesday and Thursday of each week the entry of Syrians and foreigners under certain conditions, from which the persons entering must have valid residences in Lebanon.

Lebanon allows Syrians to enter its territory two days a week on specific conditions

Khaled Iskef

The Lebanese General Security announced the crossings of Aabboudiye and the Almasana for the entry of Syrians, Arabs and foreigners with valid residences in Lebanon on Tuesday and Thursday.

Lebanese security said that the people entering must have a negative result of the analysis of corona issued by the Syrian Ministry of Health for a period of at least 96 hours.

The entrants must have health insurance to cover the cost of treatment from Corona, the PCR examination is re-performed at the border post, they are committed to the home quarantine for 10 days and the test is re-performed after they have finished it.

For Syrians wishing to review foreign embassies in Lebanon, they must have a valid passport and a written document issued by the embassy to be reviewed, as a result of a negative PCR examination of at least 96 hours, where they are granted 48 hours with a maximum departure statement, while those wishing to remain in Lebanon less than 48 hours must only have a PCR examination from Syria for a maximum of 96 hours.

Lebanese security required that they be accompanied by at least two people when reviewing hospitals and doctors, provided they have a medical report proving this and a PCR examination.

The decision required those wishing to cross “transit” from Syria to Lebanon to travel through its airports, to have a ticket and their presence 24 hours before the flight, with the application of PCR screening requirements.

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