With the approach of EU Summit, severe sanctions expected against Turkey

Indications about a possible European attitude to impose severe sanctions against Turkey have increased. The sanctions came after Turkeys activities in Eastern Mediterranean which caused huge regional tension to the extent of war possibility between Turkey and Greece.

With the approach of EU Summit, severe sanctions expected against Turkey

Khaled Iskef

The meeting of leaders of European blocs, scheduled on next Thursday, to discuss the tension caused in eastern Mediterranean due to Turkey amid Europeans call to impose sanctions against Turkey. The highest representative of foreign affairs and security in the European Union Joseph Borrell pointed out, “EU foreign affairs ministers meeting before holding the summit discussed the possibility of issuing a list of suggested sanctions against Turkey.

Media agencies reported the possible sanctions against Turkey: “Banning ships or other assets used in drilling operations along with banning the use of EU ports and equipment, in addition to sanctions against entire sectors in the Turkish economy.

Increasing likelihoods of imposing severe sanctions against Turkey happen at the time where both Cyprus and Greece demand from the EU imposing sanctions immediately emphasizing the need to face illegal activities by Turkey in Eastern Mediterranean.

Cypriot foreign minister, Nikos Christodoulides, said that Turkey chose escalation by prolonging the mission of Yavuz drilling ship in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus. Hence, Ankara showed its real purposes by this act.

Greek foreign minister, Nikos Dendias, attacked Turkey commenting on its “fake” calls to conduct negotiations with Greece saying: “You cannot say that you are able to sit on the table while you are violating the sovereignty and sovereign rights of the other part

The minister stated, ” The dispute with Turkey is related to setting borders in the continental shelf and exclusive economic zone, which has been a matter of discovering communication between both parties since long time ago, but Turkish activities till now, which must be terminated, are clear violations against Greece’s sovereignty.

Many political analysts think thy.”at starting a dialog in the present time between Turkey and Greece about the problem of regional waters in the Mediterranean is a hard thing to be done, if happened, it will be in vain because tensions between both countries have reached to the top. The blackmail done by Turkey by resuming illegal drilling operations for gas and oil in Greece’s regional waters will force the latter, eventually, to respond militarily after the failure of diplomacy and extreme non-cooperation by Turkey.

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