Al-Nusra calls out media reporters to investigation.

Sources of the Syrian Documentation Center revealed that Al-Nusra front sent notifications to many activists and media figures in Idlib to come by the court for investigations in the charges of defamation and slander.

Al-Nusra calls out media reporters to investigation.

Khaled Iskef

The sources pointed out that the activists and media reporters received matching notifications asking them to come to the Al-Nusra courts to investigate in the claims that they have been accused by.

Without naming the party with the claims against them, while some reporters took this notifications in silence in the fear of being hunted by Al-Nusra, As a lot of reporters have received such a notification.

The sources added that the leader of Al-Nusra “Muhammad Nazzal”, known as “Khattab Al-Urduni”, has been conducting a campaign against the media professionals and activists in Idlib to intimidate them since he took charge of the so-called “Office of Media Relations” in Al-Nusra.

The sources indicated that “Nazzal” is one of the most prominent associates of the leader of Al-Nusra “Abu Muhammad Al-Julani”.

A Jordanian of Palestinian origins, who came to Syria in 2012 and joined Al-Nusra, as he runs accounts on social media under the names of “Imad Al-Din Mujahid” “Taqi al-Din Omar”, through which he made many statements to the media outlets, in the name of Al-Nusra.

“Nazzal” is linked to Al-Nusra’s security team, as it works to monitor the activists and the media figures, and if he catches any sign indicating that any journalist opposes or criticizes Al-Nusra, he instructs “Nazzal” to arrest him with the hands of Al-Nusra’s elements.

It is noteworthy that Al-Nusra in Idlib is conducting a highly pressured policy on the work of media professionals, also arresting a number of them, to prevent the documentation of its violations and against the civilians in the region.

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