Al Nusra militants are planning a chemical provocation in Idlib.

The Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria said that they have rece many information about the plannings of Al Nusra of conducting a chemical provocation in Idlib, to reflect it as a Syrian Army attacks, and relay the responsibility on the Syrian Government.

Al Nusra militants are planning a chemical provocation in Idlib.

Khaled Iskef

The Deputy Head of the Reconciliation Center, Alexander Greenkiewicz, stated that the information that was received indicates that the militants of “Al-Nusra Front” are planning to conduct a provocation by using toxic materials in the southern sector of the safe zone in Idlib.

The Russian officer said that the militants intend to fabricate the chemical attacks in the city of Jericho and the town of “Sams”, in order to accuse the Syrian state using chemical weapons against the civilians.

Stressing that the preparations for this new play, with the preparations to film it with the elements of the “White Helmets” affiliated with the Al-Nusra Front’s terrorist.

During the years of war in Syria, many fabricated events was discovered as it was claiming of a chemical attacks in different Syrian regions, such as Damascus Ghouta and the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo, by Al-Nusra and the “White Helmets”.

As they’re fabricating the chemical attacks by filming shots of a wounded man or a dead one, and relay it on the Syrian Army.

Only to find out that those men were actors, and the chemical attack is just a fabricated news, with the goal to claim that the Syrian Government is using chemical weapons.

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