The Syrian security forces arrests 16 Asian people in Aleppo.

The Syrian security forces, on Saturday, arrested 16 Asian individuals who entered the country illegally, coming from Lebanon, as they were preparing to go to Turkey.

The Syriansecurity forces arrests 16 Asian people in Aleppo.

Khaled Iskef

The Syrian Documentation Center reported that those people are Asian from Bangladesh, and they were arrested in Al-Shaar neighborhood in Aleppo, where they’ve been gathered after they smuggled their way to Syria, coming from Lebanon.

The sources pointed out that these 16 individuals were preparing themselves to go to Turkey, through the northern countryside of Aleppo, through the areas which are controlled by the Turkish armed factions.

It is noteworthy that the security authorities in Homs had arrested 38 individuals of foreign nationalities, last month, who had entered the country from Lebanon and were on their way to Idlib, which is under the control of Al-Nusra front’s militant and the Turkish armed factions.

After interrogation, they found out that by that time, a number of them had intended to enter Turkey to join the armed militias heading to Libya to fight in the ranks of the “government of reconciliation.”

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