After the congress’ request to punish Turkey for buying the S-400, a comparison is being made between the Russian and American defense forces.

Turkey's recent announcement about its intention to conduct a comprehensive test of the Russian S-400 defense system next week flamed the anger of the US.

After the congress’ request to punish Turkey for buying the S-400, a comparison is being made between the Russian and American defense forces.

Khaled Iskef

Which is witnessing a lot of talking, especially in the “Congress”, demanding the approval of sanctions against Ankara because of its insistence on purchasing the Russian defense system, and favoring it over its counterpart the American “Patriot”.

Turkey and America clashed together several times about the arms deals and disagreements, which they emerged, due to America’s intransigence and its rejection of the Turkish arms approach with Russia as well.

Especially with the S-400 deal that occurred between them, as America refuses to hand over the previously agreed F-35s to Turkey, despite Turkey’s payment for the full price of them.

However, Turkey did not finish the Russian defense system deal at that time, and raised its complaint to the European Union about America’s refusal to deliver the artillery, describing this incident as a “theft”, especially since the full price of these aircraft was paid by Turkey.

These issues, which America is fabricating, reflect its concerns about the Russian weapons system, which is clearly against disputing it, and applies full pressure on any country that intends to supply it, as these weapons have proven to be effective over most of the US military systems.

After Turkey’s announcement about its intention to test the Russian “S-400” defense system soon, many demands emerged from members of the Congress that the US should resort to firmly deal with Ankara, presenting a suggestion of imposing sanctions on it.

In spite of this, the US president Donald Trump has so far refrained from using the Anti-United States Adversaries Act known as “Katsa”.

Which is legislation that allows punishment for those dealing with the enemies of Washington.

In a comparison between the most prominent characteristics of the Russian “S-400” and the American “Patriot” air defense systems, both systems are specialized in dealing with air targets, including ballistic missiles, warplanes, drones, etc.

Except that the radar and reconnaissance systems that are used for early warning, target tracking and missile guidance, it is more improved in the Russian system that it covers a circle with a 600 km diameter, while the “Patriot” radar covers a circle of 150 km in diameter.

As a result, the “S-400” can detect 300 targets simultaneously, while the American Patriot missile system is limited to 125 only, meaning that the Russian system can detect twice the targets than the American system can monitor, which is considered a big difference.

By moving to the stage of hitting the target, among the 300 targets monitored through the Russian defense system, 36 of them can be targeted simultaneously, while the Patriots only destroy 9 targets, and this things gives the S-400 a great advantage.

It is well known that speed is the first element that determines the success rate of air strikes, and any air missile that is not dealt with quickly by the defenses can lead to many harsh results, and here comes the importance of speed, by preparing the air system to launch, and this feature in the Russian missiles only needs 5 minutes, while the patriot needs 25 minutes to prepare this feature.

All the above was about preparing the system before launch, so that the comparison of the missile’s launch speed towards the enemy target comes after the system’s readiness.

The “S-400” is more mobilized by the fact that its missiles are ready within 10 seconds only, 5 seconds apart from the American system, which needs 15 seconds.

Flexibility also plays an important role in the effectiveness of the air defense systems, and can say that this feature is what distinguishes the Russian system from others, as launching missiles through it can take place at a 90 degrees angle.

In the event that the hostile missile is completely above the defense platform in a vertical line, The “S-400” can pick up and stop it, while in the patriot system the launch angle does not exceed more than 38 degrees.

Finally, the number of missiles and the height in both systems, where the Russian defense system can carry 32 missiles, which is twice the number of the American system, and as for the height, the “S-400” missiles can hit targets at a height ranging from 10 meters to 27 Kilometers, as for the patriot, it can hit only from 60 meters up to 24 km.

After the congress’ request to punish Turkey for buying the S-400, a comparison is being made between the Russian and American defense forces.

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