The killing of a Hamzat leader by an aimed missile in Afrin north of Aleppo.

Unidentified gunmen targeted the car of the leader of the Hamzat division "Abu Jaber Al-Batran" with an aimed missile while it was passing near the village of "Brad" in the countryside of Afrin.

The killing of a Hamzat leader by an aimed missile in Afrin north of Aleppo.

Khaled Iskef

Sources of the Syrian Documentation Center said that the car of “Abu Jaber” was targeted by an aimed missile, which led to his injury with severe wounds, which resulted in his killing later on.

While his companion “Osama Al-Batran” nicknamed “Abu Zaid”, was also killed during The car’s crossing on the road that connects the villages of “Brad” and “Al-Basuta”, south of Afrin, which is under the control of the Turkish forces.

The source suggested that the attack done by the “Afrin Liberation Forces”, which are affiliated with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units “YPG”.

Indicating that the Turkish-backed factions in Afrin have become continuously in danger after the increase of the attacks targeting them.

The Afrin Liberation Forces were constantly seeking to strike the Turkish-backed factions’ sites in the northern countryside of Aleppo, and in Afrin in particular, since the factions took control of the area for more than 2 years ago.

While Turkey accused the Kurdish factions of exploding bombed cars in Afrin, which resulted in many civilians’ casualties.

It is noteworthy that the control of the Turkish forces of Afrin in March 2018, led to the displacement of many civilians, and then began after that a series violations against the civilians by the Turkish forces and the factions loyal to them.

Including kidnapping, killing and theft of the properties, also the theft of the historical monuments in the region.

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