A humanitarian organization delays its work due to Al-Nusra’s interventions.

"Hand in Hand" organization for relief and development announced that it will stop its work in the woomen and children hospital in the city of "Kafr Takharim" in the northern countryside of Idlib, in a protest against the interventions of Al-Nusra.

A humanitarian organization delays its work due to Al-Nusra’s interventions.

Khaled Iskef

Local sources of the Syrian Documentation Center reported that members of the hospital’s staff started protest, after the organization announced the suspension of its work until Al-Nusra stops all its interventions, and to obtain guarantees ensuring that no future interference will harm the humanitarian work.

The organization issued a statement explaining that a group prevented the administrative director from entering the hospital yesterday, while pitting the hospital staff against the management.

After that, a leader of the Al-Nusra, who is responsible for the health sector, intervened personally, firing employees and punishing many volunteers, which decided to respond to this by stopping their work until all interventions are stopped.

It’s noteworthy that this incident isn’t the first of its kind, as the medical and humanitarian staff have protests against Al-Nusra and the attempts to impose its hegemony on the health sector, as many medical and humanitarian organizations have already withdrawn from Idlib and stopped all their activities due to Al-Nusra’s violations.

At a time when Al-Nusra was unable to find an alternative insurance for these organizations in the health, medical and relief sectors, which poses a threat to the lives of the civilians who are based in the areas of its control.

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