Arab clan in Hasaka gives SDF a deadline to release one of its notables

One of the clans of Aljabbour Arab tribe in Hasaka announced giving SDF a 48-hour deadline to release one of the tribe's notables who was detained last Tuesday night.

Arab clan in Hasaka gives SDF a deadline to release one of its notables

Khaled Iskef

SDC local sources reported that SDF memebers arrested Sheikh Abdelarahim Suleiman Al-Musleh Al-Awwad without knowing the reason of detention who is considered a prominent figure of Abu-Khattab tribe, one of Jabbour clans in Hasaka.

The sources added that Al-Musleh went out of his house in the village of Tifleh east Tal Barak northeast Hasaka on Tuesday afternoon and went through the road of Tal Barak-Hasaka when he was out of connection. At first, SDF denied relation to his disappearance. However, later it turned out he was detained in the area of al-Mahad al-Baytari which SDF and the US forces turned into a prison.

A source from the clan told SDC that the clan gave SDF a 48-hour deadline and said all clans in tal Barak and Hasaka northeastern countryside also stand to their side in this confrontation to release Al-Musleh who is known for his steadfast attitude.

The clan has not revealed the steps it is going to take in case SDF did not meet its demands at the end of the deadline. SDF did not make any statements on Al-Musleh detention or the deadline. The sources said Al-Musleh has been known for his support to the Syrian government and held no links to any military or political factions in Hasaka.

Areas in the Syrian Jazeera have been living a state of large scale popular discontentment for months among the Arab clans against SDF, especially after notables of the tribes were subjected to assassinations that SDF were accused of.

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