Sources: Nusra Front might use power to overthrow Ahrar al-Sham leadership

SDC private sources said Nusra Front is considering intervention to overthrow the leader of the Takfiri movement, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaber Ali Basha after the latest division within the movement ranks.

Sources: Nusra Front might use power to overthrow Ahrar al-Sham leadership

Khaled Iskef

The sources said Nusra Front tracked the details of the dispute within the movement with its former leader, Hasan Soufan who had been known for his close relationship with Nusra Front leader, Abu Mohammed al-Jolani. The sources said Nusra Front discussed the possibility of carrying out a military campaign to arrest the current leader and return Soufan to office and guarantee the movements affiliation with Nusra Front.

This follows the division inside Ahrar al-Sham. Upon the division, Ali Basha declared dismissing leader of the military wing, Inad Darweesh from office since he is loyal to Soufan. Darweesh declared his rejection to the decision and turning against Ali Basha.

The sources revealed information that Nusra Front attempts to form a military council for unifying the factions in Idlib. However, the real goal of it is to allow Nusra Front to dominate all the factions in the region. Nusra Front attempts to make its leader of the military wing head of the council due to be set and make Soufan a member in that council.

Nusra Front had already declared in a statement that it does not intervene in the internal affairs of Ahrar al-Sham and that it does not take sides. However, this information proves just the opposite of its claims as it attempts to support Soufan against Ali Basha to guarantee its affiliation with Nusra Front.

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