President Al-Assad receives a Russian delegation to discuss the procedures for establishing an international refugee conference.

The Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad was visited by a Russian delegation from the Ministries of Defense and the Foreign Affairs which is headed by the special envoy from the Russian President "Alexander Lavrentiev".

President Al-Assad receives a Russian delegation to discuss the procedures for establishing an international refugee conference.

Khaled Iskef

They had a meeting that was about the international conference on refugees which is being held in Damascus next month.

the 2 sides discussed the preparations for the conference and the efforts that have being made to prepare for the exit with positive results from it.

In a way that reduces the suffering of the Syrian refugees and allows them to return to their homes and normal lives, especially in light of what has been achieved in terms of bringing back the security to most of the Syrian lands.

The meeting also discussed the challenges that are facing the conference and the attempts of countries to prevent it from happening or to apply pressure on the countries that are willing to participate and force them to politicize this humanitarian file.

As both sides stressed that these efforts will not succeed, and that the aim of the conference is purely humanitarian and is directed at the interest of refugees and their return to their home.

The members of the Russian delegation showed the president Al-Assad the results of their tour that they have carried out in a number of countries as they host Syrian refugees.

Noting that Russia insists on continuing the cooperative work with the relevant Syrian institutions to help close this humanitarian case.

the 2 sides agreed on the fact that the conference is an opportunity for everyone to start looking at this file from a humanitarian perspective, away from any political investment by some western countries that increased the suffering of the Syrian refugees and prevented them from returning to their home.

It is noteworthy that Russia is paying attention to the issue of the syrian refugees, and has been trying over the years to secure their return to their safe areas, especially those who are in the camps on the borders, and whose suffering is increased by some parties, especially America, and turned them into a pressure card that is used according to their interests.

During this time, they are prevented from returning to their homes, despite the possibility of this, and despite Russia’s provision of many initiatives that ensure a solution to the problem of these refugees.

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