The killing of a leader from the “Sultan Murad” faction in “Karabakh”.

The Turkish factions continues to suffer from heavy losses after their participation in the battles of "Karabakh" between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in order to achieve the Turkish plans.

The killing of a leader from the “Sultan Murad” faction in “Karabakh”.

Khaled Iskef

Sources of the Syrian Documentation Center reported that a prominent leader in the “Sultan Murad” faction called “Murad Omar al-Jabali” was killed during the battles of “Karabakh” alongside with 8 other elements belonging to the “Sultan Murad” and “Hamzat” factions.

Despite the increase of losses of the factions in “Karabakh”, they continued to send their elements to participate in the battles alongside the Azerbaijani forces to achieve the Turkish orders.

As sources of the Syrian Documentation Center reported that the factions sent a new batch of fighters to “Karabakh” that included About 230 militant, bringing the total of the elements who were transferred from northern Syria to Azerbaijan to about 2,600 militant.

The factions’ militants suffered heavy losses in the Karabakh battles, as statistics indicated that more than 240 of them were killed, and 183 bodies were transferred to Syria while the remaining bodies are still on the battlefield.

While sources reported the return of more than 300 militant to Syria after giving up their financial dues in exchange for being allowed to return after witnessing the intensity of the battles in “Karabakh” and after they’ve been deployed on the front lines.

Despite the documentation of the transfer of the militants to “Karabakh”, the Turkish government denied sending elements from northern Syria to support Azerbaijan, while the confessions of one of the Syrian militants who were captured by the Armenian forces showed all the details of the transfer to “Karabakh” and the temptations that were offered by Ankara to recruit militants in its battles, similar to what it did in Libya.

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