The Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1 closed its tracking system for 20 hours

The Iranian oil tanker, Adrian Darya 1, has gone dark off the tracking radar after it closed its GPS near the Lebanese territorial waters for 20 hours

Media reports said the tanker which is sanctioned by the US has disappeared from the maritime tracking system after it sat anchored between Syria, Cyprus and Lebanon. It is loaded with about 2.1 oil barrels worth about 130 million dollars.

Adrian Darya 1 has become famous internationally due to the many events during its journey from the Arabian Gulf to route around Africa to Strait of Gibraltar where it was seized by British authorities upon a US request on the pretext that it was going to offload its cargo in Syria which is still subjected to European economic sanctions.

The vessel was seized for 45 days in Strait of Gibraltar during which the Iranian American British relations were highly tense with lots of accusations and threats. Britian said it was under pressure from the US to seize the vessel.

45 days passed and then the vessel was released into the Mediterranean Sea to suffer a new obstacle in Greek territorial waters. When the vessel asked for permission to stop on one of the Greek ports, it was rejected. Greece revealed the rejection was due to US pressure to seize the vessel, which increased the tension between Iran and the US as the former stressed its non-admittance to the illegal imposed US sanctions on the vessel denouncing all US allegations of heading to Syria.

After the vessel departed from the Greek territorial waters, the US exerted its pressure on Egypt not to receive the vessel. The vessel continued but slowed to a near-halt off Syrian and Lebanese Coasts 80 km far from Beirut Port, and then its tracking system went off.

It is said that the US imposes severe economic sanctions on Syria and Iran in an attempt to embroil Syria into an economic crisis which benefits the gunmen, especially after the big losses they suffered during the past few months against the advancement by the Syrian army in the countrysides of Hama and Idleb.

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